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Our Team

Melvyn Chung Kai To Managing Director

Melvyn holds a Master in Management (Banking & Financial Markets) from Toulouse Business School. He joined AXYS Stockbroking in April 2012 as a trader and assisted the research unit. He previously traded energy-related derivatives for a proprietary trading house, as well as dealt in the US Equity markets out of a Paris-based execution brokerage company. He was appointed Managing Director of AXYS Stockbroking in early 2017.

Melvyn Chung Kai To

Bhavik Desai Head of Research

Bhavik joined AXYS in early 2010 to drive innovative local equity research and valuations. He has introduced scientific rigour and logic to the process, and will guide you in your investment decision making process. He will also assist you with securities trading. Prior to joining AXYS, Bhavik worked on the implementation and monitoring of corporate strategies at SAP Labs LLC in California. Bhavik holds a Double Bachelors in Arts in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Bhavik Desai